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Why WaterWorx UK?

Changes in legislation in April of 2017, mean that businesses in England can now choose who they buy their water from.

In England there is now an open market for business water supply, that has given every business the freedom and flexibility to choose a water supplier that best suits their own needs and budget.

This is great news, because as a business you can ‘shop around’ for the best price and service – this is exactly why WaterWorx UK was set up.

What lies at the heart of the new regulations is the splitting of wholesale and retail water services.
If you’re wondering what the difference is, wholesale services cover the delivery of your water and the management of the infrastructure such as the pipe network and treatment plants. It also includes the removal and handling of wastewater. The changes in regulation allows the wholesaler to set the tariffs for these services.

The retail side relates to all the customer-facing activities including billing, meter readings, call centre support and water-efficiency advice.


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