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Keeping digital information safe

When the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force in May 2018, Waterworx UK made sure that the information we receive from you is treated with the utmost confidentiality and that you understand what we use this information for.


What happens to the information you submit?

  • “In submitting our enquiry form I agree to my details being used for the purposes of collecting and replying to my enquiry”.
  • I understand my data will be held securely and will not be distributed to third parties.
  • I have a right to change or access my information.
  • I understand that when this information is no longer required for this purpose, procedures are in place to dispose of this data.
  • The information will only be accessed by authorised Archway Travel staff.
  • Any data we receive will not be submitted to any third parties.


Our Water Services

Business Supply

If you buy water, wastewater (also known as sewerage) or both services for business premises, you should be eligible to switch suppliers and get a better deal.

Automated Meter Readers

It is important to develop an understanding of exactly how and where a business uses water. Our automated meter readers save you money and simplify the task.

Water Audits

A water audit, similar to an energy audit, is the method of quantifying all the flows of water in a system to understand its usage, reduce losses and improve water conservation.

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